Celebrating a Milestone

This year, we are celebrating a true milestone within the eSift team, as our colleague Louise Miles celebrates 10 years within the business.

Louise joined us in 2009, when the business was still in its infancy and has been an integral part of the team for the last decade, contributing to the growth, success and achievements within her time here. She has built lasting relationships with our clients and candidates alike and will always go above and beyond in everything she does.

As an acknowledgement eSift presented her with a Tiffany’s bracelet engraved with her initials.

We couldn’t ask for a more dedicated member of our work family & look forward to the next 10 years.

Think Happy, Be Happy.

“Positive thinkers tend to be happier.” (Scott, 2018) but sometimes it’s easier said than done, especially when under work pressure and stress. Boosting your own mental wellbeing will have a positive effect on both your working and personal life.

Today is international Positive Thinking Day so keeping that in mind, we have found three apps which are all centered around positivity and happiness, free to download from the app store.


This app was created by experts and includes games and activities that help you to become happier, more optimistic and even change your thought patterns. 86% of users felt more positive after using the app regularly for two months. (Scott, 2018) The app allows also users to set goals which can be self-monitored.

Mindfulness Daily.

Having a mindful daily routine can boost mental wellbeing and positivity. Mindfulness daily is an app that can be tailored to integrate mindfulness practices into your daily life. The app supports quick, effective guided practices to reduce stress and anxiety, improve performance, and enhance sleep.


The Reflectly app is the world’s first intelligent journal with happiness being its core value. It utilizes artificial intelligence to help structure and reflect upon daily thoughts and the data that is gathered from the use of the app is used to design audio sessions to cater for the needs and problems that users talk about. (Farmbrough, 2018)

Remember, positivity is contagious! Let’s spread some positive thinking around the workplace today!





5 Ways to Overcome Creative Block

Everyone has days where we struggle to think creatively and concentrate on a particular task. Below are five tips to overcome a creative block and help you to re-focus on the task in hand.


  • Relax

It sounds obvious but taking a moment to relax and de-stress can really help a mental block. Move away from your desk and take deep breaths to regulate your breathing.


  • Change your environment

The easiest way to refresh your head space and gain an alternative perspective is to change your environment. Relocate to working in isolation or move from an office chair to a sofa.


  • Try again later.

Having a break from the task will also help clear the mind. Complete some lesser tasks such as admin and then try again. Taking some time away before re-visiting a task will aid productivity.


  • Research

If you are struggling with a particular task, it might be due to the fact you have not carried out enough research. Taking a step back to research around the topic could help you think of new ideas and overcome the mind block.


  • Ask for someone else’s perspective

A different perspective can often help to move things forward. Ask a trusted colleague to give their input and perspective, which may offer a breakthrough.



Employees rate top workplaces

In today’s digital world, most people go online to do research, especially when it comes to businesses, jobs and workplaces. Indeed have recently released the top 50 top-rated workplaces by employees in 2019. One recurring theme across the businesses is the importance of a positive and enjoyable work environment, but also one that is a true reflection of the brand’s values.

A positive work environment leads to more engaged employees, and more engaged workers create an increase in productivity. It also contributes to the bigger idea of employee experience, which encapsulates how an employee feels over their time at a business, thus increasing retention rates.

The top 5 rated workplaces and what they are doing right:


  • Supportive, inclusive and engaged culture.
  • Insightful and forward-looking leadership.


  • Great atmosphere and credible training.
  • Open communication of expectations.
  • Opportunities for advancement.

Southwest Airlines

  • Flexible work schedule.
  • Caring and supporting environment.

Live Nation

  • Learning opportunities.
  • Exposure to people within the industry.


  • Great work-life balance.
  • Charitable work opportunities.







Top 50 Employers for Women 2019 Revealed

Annually, The Times release a list of the top 50 Employers for women, highlighting gender equality within the workplace. Each business listed takes part in an assessment managed by Business in the Community’s gender equality campaign. The process focuses on transparency, the causes behind gaps, what companies are doing to address these structural issues and the impact of their actions.

The work of these businesses should be celebrated and recognised as part of the movement towards all businesses worldwide demonstrating gender equality as standard, rather than for tokenism.

Chloe Chambraud, Director of Gender Equality at BITC said: “It is only by changing the culture and promoting positive behaviours from the top that employers will see real change, and we look forward to supporting them on this journey.” (Parrott, 2019)

It’s fantastic to see a wide range of businesses on the list, encompassing a variety of sectors. See below for a small selection:

  • Allen & Overy
  • BP
  • Capgemini UK
  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car
  • Fujitsu
  • Marks & Spencer
  • Pepsico
  • Royal Air Force
  • Sky
  • Sodexo UK & Ireland




Top techniques to expand leadership skills…

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how senior your role is or how prestigious your career path has been, you should never rest on your laurels. The second you stop taking the time to develop your career and better yourself as a leader, you’ll witness a steep decline in your influence and, ultimately, your relevance in the corporate sphere.

And whilst you may well be considered a strong leader by your team, there’s never a better time to dust off the cobwebs and challenge yourself. Here are five key ways to build-up your leadership skills:

  1. Learn, consider, implement

There has never been a better time to be a leader in search of betterment than the modern day. The sheer wealth of studies, stats, and advice on websites is enough to keep any leader engaged in progressive people management indefinitely. Want to know how to grow and change? Read up on the latest techniques, consider how applicable they are to your business, and change based on the outcome. You’ll never regret getting more informed.

  1. Challenge yourself to improve the worker experience

Whilst many workers are hesitant to complain to the boss, sites such as Glassdoor offer anonymous insights into employer experience. It may be true that many comments are often left by disgruntled workers, however, this in no way discredits some of the points they raise. To better your leadership, take on board what your critics have to say and use that to better the experience of your employees.

  1. Get into their shoes

Do you feel disconnected from your workforce? There are many ways to reconnect with your team – one of which is to dedicate a day, or even a week, to shadow them. This way, you’ll see their everyday processes and truly understand what it means to manage their workload, whilst also getting to know them better as people. The insight you’ll receive is extremely valuable going forward.

  1. Set team goals

Want to promote collaboration? Then think outside of the box when setting team goals. Teambuilding events are a fashionable excursion for corporates these days and whilst many bosses refuse to get involved, working with your team to complete fun tasks builds a sense of community and comradeship. This could also be promoted in the workplace; why not set reward-based weekly targets? This pushes employees and gives them a reason to celebrate a win if they succeed.

  1. Identify an area of weakness

Don’t wait around for employees to bring it up; objectively asses your own strengths and weaknesses and set aside some time to address them and strengthen them. A boss that can be inwardly critical of their own practices encourages employees to do the same and ultimately improves your management.

What skills do you think are essential for leaders to possess?

Source – https://www.executivegrapevine.com/content/article/2019-04-12-5-techniques-for-flexing-your-leadership-skills?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=150419&utm_content=150419+CID_1496181285d0e963af04e5692ea5ce99&utm_source=EG%20Campaigns&utm_term=Top%20techniques%20to%20expand%20leadership%20skills

Are LinkedIn’s new tools useful for business leaders?

A new LinkedIn update now allows business professionals to upload PDFs and slide presentations onto the website. Now you can view your documents without leaving LinkedIn, does this mean no more faff or just another complex tool no one can get their heads around?

This new feature is available for computer viewing – although there is already discussion of rolling it out onto the mobile app.

LinkedIn users are free to upload their work onto a personal feed, group, or page in an attempt to create a more business-streamlined website that can cater to the needs of professionals.

The accessibility of the new tool is fairly straight-forward, with an icon appearing on your home page by the attachment icons for photos or videos. The update also lets you add a description that appears when you hover over the document. As well as this, the normal commentary and hashtags can be attached.

Itamar Orgad, Senior Product Manager at LinkedIn, said the update is to allow users to see “richer and more engaging visual content flowing across your LinkedIn experience.”

There is a full-screen viewing option for presentation purposes, on which one can find a download button for PDFs and presentations. No longer do attachments need to be manually posted or screenshot and formatted as photos, creating a slicker process for business interactions and sharing.

Have you used this tool? How did you find it? Let us know!

Source – https://www.executivegrapevine.com/content/article/2019-04-08-linkedin-releases-new-tools-for-business-leaders?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=090419&utm_content=090419+CID_dadcb10511c9c62d393fca5e062060fb&utm_source=EG%20Campaigns&utm_term=Are%20LinkedIns%20new%20business%20tools%20useful

Half of executives action change with no strategy…

Despite greater onus on management to action structured ‘transformation initiatives’ to promote greater productivity and reduce costs, almost half of all C-suite executives embark on such initiatives with absolutely no strategy in place!

A recent report, which analysed the actions of over 1,000 executives within the C-suite functions, found that most businesses remain unclear on what they should focus on when developing a transformation strategy and highlighted a clear disconnect between leadership and those on the ‘front line’.

44% of senior leaders believe that their business transformation has been a ‘waste of time’, whilst a quarter admits to having spent over £500,000 on the process within the last 12 months.

Almost four in ten business analysts said that they are not regularly consulted to inform their organisation’s transformation strategy, whilst 58% of leaders stated that frontline workers are only involved in transformation initiatives because middle management or consultants tell them which changes to make.

“Transformation strategies will inevitably be part of every organisation’s operations because no business can avoid adapting to the latest industry and technological trends,” commented Alexander Rinke, Co-founder and Co-CEO, Celonis.

Source – https://www.executivegrapevine.com/content/article/2019-03-28-half-of-execs-action-change-with-no-strategy?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=290319&utm_content=290319+CID_3882cc613396f80ee9183ca01be4d3dd&utm_source=EG%20Campaigns&utm_term=Half%20of%20execs%20action%20change%20with%20no%20strategy

10 important ways data and technology are transforming HR

In any sane world, Human Resources would be central to business strategy. For most organisations, people are both the biggest cost and the biggest influence on performance. Getting more from your people is a direct route to success.

But in practice, even forward-thinking HR leaders can find themselves held back from this strategic role, by three main factors:

  • HR colleagues are frequently dragged away from strategic activities into day-to-day transactional and ER work.
  • People data is too vast, or not granular enough, to gain meaningful insights; it’s useful only for benchmarking.
  • It’s difficult for HR to prove that it helps the business to achieve its strategic objectives, beyond basic cost-cutting.

These challenges are interconnected. If HR leaders can’t prove their strategic impact, it’s difficult to make the case for investment in new processes and systems that can give the insights to spot improvements, and the tools and bandwidth to deliver them. It’s a Catch-22.

Here are ten important ways that we see technology and data changing HR, right now.

Innovative technologies giving HR the bandwidth to work strategically…

  • AI can screen, rank and match CVs to a role, cutting cost per hire by 71%
  • Chatbots can ease the pressure of repetitive HR inquiries – saving hours per day
  • VR can cut travel time to interviews, meetings, and reviews
  • Automation is helping to strip out duplicated and repetitive work
  • Agile management systems could finally unlock the benefits of flexible work
  • Data science is enabling HR to get proactive on absenteeism
  • Mobile apps are closing time gaps in performance management
  • Employees’ experiences as tech consumers are increasing expectations at work
  • Data and technology skills are increasingly necessary for HR teams
  • Overlaying people data with function data is the key to finding value (and proving it)

Source – https://www.hrgrapevine.com/content/article/adviserplus-2019-03-22-10-important-ways-data-and-technology-are-transforming-hr?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=HR%20270319&utm_content=HR%20270319+CID_62d1c108665bfb594fd2997ef695bef1&utm_source=HR%20Grapevine%20Campaigns&utm_term=10%20important%20ways%20data%20and%20technology%20are%20transforming%20HR

eSift partner with Trisha Barker to run a DISC profiling day for all employees….

eSift work in partnership with Trisha Barker Coaching and Consultancy for all psychometric needs.  Trisha has used psychometrics for over 20 years whilst leading HR teams in some of the largest FTSE 100 companies in the UK and she believes that all businesses should embed DISC as part of their standard recruitment process.

After working with Trisha for over 6 years, it was finally time for the eSift team to have their DISC profiles completed and Trisha kindly hosted an interactive session with both teams in our new offices!

The day started with Trisha explaining what DISC is and how it is correctly and incorrectly used within business. This included several interactive conversations and team activities that got everyone working together and communicating effectively! This was followed by a competition in which 4 teams competed to construct the tallest tower out of spaghetti to support a marshmallow!

Trisha finished by identifying everyone’s personality profiles and explaining what this meant to them as an individual. This was completed as a team event, so everyone knew each other’s personality type and it has proved so powerful within the eSift team.

It has made us all aware of the different personality types that you can work with on a day to day basis and without even realising it, how you can be perceived by a different personality type.

We would highly recommend an interactive DISC profiling day with Trisha Barker, it can do wonders for boosting team morale!

For further information on DISC, please contact Trisha on trisha@trishabarker.com or 07969313585.